Banquets in Kiev

For weddings, anniversaries, corporate holidays, a large hall for 150-200 persons is ideally suited. Regarding the reservation of the room, the standard and extended menu, decorating, music, script and celebration services, please call the Event Manager on +38 067 224 57 00

Furshets and banquets

The chefs of the restaurant "Kozatskiy" guarantee to any guest a delicious, beautiful and safe menu. You can be sure of this on the 2nd floor in any of the 2 halls (up to 40 people each), or entering directly from the Maidan at the door of the coffee shop next to the main entrance. You can specify the time of work of the restaurant and the coffee shop by phone +38 067 224 57 19, +38 067 224 57 20.

Organizers and participants of events in conference rooms can order a full dinner in a restaurant and cafe from 180 UAH per person or coffee breaks with fresh pastries and desserts in pauses of their classes from 45 UAH / person. For ordering, it's best to call the conference service in advance by calling +38 067 224 57 13, +38 067 224 57 14.

For celebrations, a banquet will be held in a large hall for 150-200 people. And the culprits of the celebration can enjoy the aperitif or the diligent before and after the holiday in the office for 6 people. To organize a gala event, please call the event manager by calling +38 067 224 57 12.

Weddings and jubilees

Weddings and Jubilees are some of the brightest holidays of life when we celebrate the birth of a new Family or the birthday of a Man.

Therefore, it is worth to approach them with responsibility, with knowledge, and with creative fantasy.

In addition to a gala serving and a varied menu in the large banquet hall of the hotel, you can count on the help in interior decoration and the preparation of a bright festive program.

At the same time, the organization of the celebration can take part native and close customers of the celebration, their friends and colleagues.

As well as decorators and ceremonies, scriptwriters and entertainers, singers and dancers, magicians and confectioners are professionals of their own business, which will be brought to the process by the hotel's staff.

Special offer for honeymooners and anniversaries at ordering a banquet at the Hotel "Kozatskiy":
- discount from 20% to 40% for accommodation in Suite room
- early check-in (before 12:00) *
- free late check out (until 18:00) *
- 20% discount for the guests of the wedding or jubilee

Please, call an event manager +38 067 224 57 12 for organizing a wedding or anniversary at the Hotel "Kozatskiy".

Restaurant and cafe

Despite the abundance in the center of kiev places where you can eat snacks, the hotel "Kozatskiy" is still at the intersection of all roads. And a restaurant with a cofe is always happy to be a place of intersection of culinary tastes and friendly communication.

The restaurant and the cofe have one kitchen. All dishes are cooked from the knife. Therefore, guests will rise to the 2-nd floor in the halls of the restaurant or settle in a cofe with an entrance directly from the Maidan - for the chef it does not matter: all meals will be cooked with equal love and skill.

Guests "Kozatskiy" should know that for special occasions there is an office for 6 people, where lunch or dinner can be combined with business negotiations.

For the order of tables, halls or an office and preliminary discussion of the menu it is necessary to call by phones: +38 067 224 57 20, +38 067 224 57 19.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 22:00

Opening hours: from 09:30 to 22:30